Surcharge Program


Introducing C4-Credit Card Cost Control program. A program that makes the cost of interchange and discount fees practically free for merchants. It provides a payment solution that combats the high fees usually associated with credit card processing.

What is C4-Credit Card Cost Control program and how does it work?

It is our new surcharge pricing program that makes the cost of credit card acceptance effectively free for merchants. Instead, cardholders are asked to pay a 3% surcharge fee during a credit card transaction. If the cardholder chooses to instead use a debit card, the merchant will be charged a 1%+$0.25 per transaction fee. The terminal will clearly display the total surcharge to be charged, and the cardholder will see the final total broken out on his or her receipt.



• Eliminates interchange and discount processing fees

• Month-to-month contracts on all accounts

• Available in all 50 states

• Same-day and Next-day funding available

• Free terminal placement programs

• Unmatched customer service

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