Poynt Smart Terminal

An all-in-one smart terminal that allows the business owner to take the checkout experience to the customer. Ideal for small retail stores, restaurants for a pay at the table solutions and lodging, Poynt is particularly ideal for simple, high ticket frequency businesses. This cutting-edge mobile payment terminal has a modern design and offers:

Poynt Smart Terminal is dynamic, intuitive, and simple!

• A Turnkey Solution. Features a mobile and countertop credit card terminal, printer, signature pad, PIN pad, and docking station.

• Wireless Freedom. WiFi capabilities enables you to take the checkout (and tipping) to your customer, inside or outside your business.

• Powerful Security. With encryption and Safe-T, your customers’ data is protected by the latest technology.

• Accept All Payments. Processes all payment types – magstripe, chip (EMV) cards, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay (NFC).

• Robust, Any Time Reporting. A simple powerful dashboard that makes it easy to monitor sales, refund transactions, and settle with one click.

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